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Explore the the ease of our online order platform

Upload your stl file, get a direct quote and place the order on our order platform. Through our portal you can upload your 3D files and follow the entire process from order to shipping.

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About the platform

Discover instant 3D printing quotes with Ziggzagg’s online order platform. Effortlessly upload your 3D files and receive immediate pricing tailored to your project. Our platform empowers you to select from a diverse range of materials and post-processing options, ensuring your projects come to life exactly as envisioned. Experience the convenience of customizing your order within seconds, all while enjoying competitive prices and exceptional service. Ziggzagg is revolutionizing how 3D printing services are accessed, making it faster and easier for you to bring your ideas to reality.

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To access Ziggzagg’s cutting-edge 3D printing services, start by requesting an account. Once approved, you’ll unlock the door to swift and seamless ordering. With just a few clicks, you can have your parts designed, printed, and delivered within the week. Join us at Ziggzagg and experience the future of 3D printing today, where innovation meets efficiency.

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Fully equipped for top-notch production

We use HP MultiJet Fusion machines, SLS machines and Metal printers to cater to the specific needs of our clients and their sectors. Our fully equipped industrial hall and an up-to-date material portfolio allow for an impressive production output within the shortest lead-times.

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