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Superior 3D-Printed Fixtures: Worthy enough for Precision Assemblies?

3D-printed fixtures improve assembled quality?

In the realm of automotive craftsmanship, every detail matters, especially when it comes to delicate materials like chromed car grills. Our meticulously designed jigs provide a stable and secure platform for assembly, ensuring that each component is installed with the utmost care and precision, without risking damage to the original materials.

Automotive fixture

  • 3D-printed fixture
3D-printed fixtures


Traditional automotive manufacturing processes often entail labor-intensive methods for producing jigs and fixtures, leading to increased labor costs and a higher risk of human errors. Achieving perfect alignment and precision in assembly operations, particularly when handling delicate materials like chromed car grills, presents significant challenges using conventional techniques.


With CAD-designed 3D-printed fixtures, meticulously engineered for the perfect mixture of orientation and snug fitting of end-parts, our HP MJF printers ensure unparalleled precision and repeatability. This advanced approach minimizes human errors and guarantees optimal alignment during assembly processes, enhancing efficiency and quality control.


Thanks to this innovative solution, automotive manufacturers can access customized jigs and fixtures with ease and efficiency. With rapid turnaround times, clients can quickly obtain these essential tools for their assembly operations, reducing production delays and accelerating time-to-market. Future automotive assemblies will see 3D-printed fixtures as a bare minimum.


Design for additive manufacturing

Our approach

At the core of our approach to every project is a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling our customers’ unique needs. We believe that the key to delivering exceptional solutions for any project we undertake, lies in close collaboration with our clients. By engaging in a partnership that emphasizes open communication and shared goals, we ensure that each solution is tailor-made to fit the specific requirements and aspirations of those we serve.

Our team leverages cutting-edge 3D printing technology, generative design, and innovative lattice structures to create customized, efficient, and high-quality outcomes. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

This customer-centric and collaborative approach is not just a part of our process; it’s the foundation of everything we do, ensuring that we consistently deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

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