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Thermoplastic Polyurethane / TPU

Extremely flexible & durable

Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a flexible, heat-resistant thermoplastic. TPU offers many benefits and features in terms of flexibility and hardness.

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TPU 3D printed sample
about the material


Because of its versatile nature, TPU is used in many different industries, both for consumer and industrial use.

High Flexibility

With its flexibility, TPU can also be used in the automotive industry, to create car interior components for example. Air filter covers, bellows gimbal, or any flexible and resistant parts needed in the automotive industry can be 3D printed using TPU.


TPU is a strong plastic material and can be 3D printed to create industrial tools or pipes for example. It also offers high friction possibilities, allowing to 3D print grippers, used for robotic or industrial uses.

Shock absorption

Thanks to its quality, high flexibility, shock absorption, and rebound, our Multi Jet Fusion TPU can be used to manufacture footwear, orthopedic models, and sports protection equipment.


Our projects in the industrial sector

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