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Polyamide 11

High impact strength

This durable nylon powder is bio-derived and made from 100% renewable materials. Thanks to its durability, heat-resistance and impact strength, it is suited for elements working in difficult conditions.

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about the material


Produce strong, ductile &functional parts

  • Thermoplastic material delivering optimal mechanical properties.
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance 2 and enhanced elongation at break.
  • Impact resistance and ductility 1 for prostheses, insoles, sports goods, snap fits, living hinges, and more.

Minimize waste with a renewable raw material

  • Renewable raw material from vegetable castor oil (reduced environmental impact).
  • Minimize waste reuse surplus powder batch after batch and get functional parts, no throwing away anymore.
  • Get consistent performance while achieving up to 70% surplus powder re-usability.
  • Optimize cost and part quality cost efficient material with industry leading surplus powder re-usability.

Engineered for HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

  • Designed for production of functional and final parts across a variety of industries.
  • Provides the best balance between performance and reusability.
  • Easy to process material enables high productivity and less waste.
  • Engineered to reliably produce final parts and functional prototypes with fine detail, dimensional accuracy.

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