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Corrosion Conquered: 3D-printed propeller provides solution

What does a 3D-printed propeller has to do with fries?

In the realm of culinary delights, the journey of the humble potato from its raw form to becoming a crispy, golden fry is nothing short of fascinating. Among the lesser-known steps in this journey is the process of pickling potatoes before they undergo the transformation into fries. Let’s delve into this process, highlighting a recent project where innovation met tradition by transforming corroded stainless steel propellers with it’s 3D-printed variant.

Food processing application

  • 3D-printed propeller
  • 3D-printed propeller
Steel and Polymer


Traditional stainless steel propellers used in pickling processes were prone to corrosion, leading to maintenance concerns and frequent replacements.


Leveraging 3D printing technology, a project aimed to transform the stainless steel propellers into lightweight, resilient counterparts using design for Additive manufacturing (DFAM).


The 3D-printed propellers, crafted from a meticulous 3D scan of the original, offered superior agitation, extended operational lifespan, and reduced maintenance overheads, exemplifying the marriage of tradition and innovation in culinary processes.


(Left: Corroded steel variant. Right: 3D-printed polymer propeller)

Design for additive manufacturing

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